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Yamaha P45B Review

The Yamaha P45B is another gem from the Yamaha factory. It has been very popular with beginners as well as experienced piano players looking for simplicity of features as well as a higher sound quality.

What are the advantages of getting a Yamaha P45B? Is it the right choice for you?

Let’s take a closer look at key features as well as this instrument pros and cons.


The Yamaha P45B is a great, lightweight piano without sacrificing any of the sound.

The GHS weighted keys; USB usage and realistic sound make the Yamaha P45B the perfect digital piano for both beginners and experienced pianists.

The simple interface is great for beginner pianists as a first piano, especially for younger children who are learning piano and don’t need as many features.

Included with the Yamaha P45B is the correct case, headphones, foot pedal and stand, so set up is as easy as possible, and the buyer can begin playing immediately.


It can be hard to play the keys quietly; especially the lower keys, and this can cause some of the sound to sound warped and slightly out of tune.

The Yamaha P45B is also not as advanced as other digital pianos, and does not offer some features that other digital pianos on the market offer to the user.

The Yamaha P45B also does not include a recorder, if the user wants to record sound or music they must buy a recorder separately.

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Sound Quality of the P45B

Each key has be sampled and tested through AWM single key sampling technology, and this creates a deeper and richer sound from the piano.

With 64 notes of polyphony means the Yamaha P45B is capable playing 64 notes all at the same time, whilst still producing realistic and beautiful sound. So users are capable of playing any chord imaginable, and playing duets, without any of the notes being cut off or lost.

As well as the polyphony, the keys of the P45B are tuned with sound from an acoustic piano using ‘advanced wave memory stereo sampling’ technology, which keeps the sound crisp and clear throughout playing, and gives a more realistic feel to this digital piano’s sound.

A lot of digital pianos fall back on the sound of the piano, but this is an area where Yamaha has always excelled, and continues to do so with the Yamaha P54B.


Key Action and Realism of the P45B

Each key is realistically weighted to be lighter in the high notes and heavier in the lower keys.

So, if you are transferring between the digital Yamaha P45B and a full sized acoustic piano, there will be no difference in play. The matte finish to the keys ensure that here will be no risk of slipping when playing for a long period of time. Although the keys are not wooden, they are beautifully finished.

There are four settings of key sensitivity, so you can adjust the sensitivity to your own liking, allowing the player to decide exactly how they like to play.

Other Features and Specifications of the P45B

The Yamaha P54B features a simple, single button operation to change the sound between different types of piano; a dual mode so that you can introduce two sounds at once, such as piano and strings; and USB connectivity, allowing you to connect with a myriad of software and hardware, educational systems and recording systems, to enhance user experience.

The Yamaha P45B also has 10 ‘voices’ to choose from, so pianists can decide exactly how they want their music to sound like.

Although other digital pianos can boast to more voices, the Yamaha P45B has a great diversity for its price, and provides ample choice for the beginner piano player. Along with 10 voices, there are 10 preset songs and 10 demos for you use and play along to, so there is plenty of diversity in this little digital piano.

Weighing only 34.4 pounds, the Yamaha P45B is compact and portable, fitting the needs of many piano players.

The piano comes with a foot pedal, a stand, and headphones, so the buyer is provided with everything they need to start playing.

Yamaha P45B vs Yamaha P45

There is actually no difference between the Yamaha P45B and Yamaha P45. The B stands for “Black” and since all Yamaha P45 pianos come in black, you can’t find any true variation. This is a bit confusing and there really is no reason for doing it but that’s just the way that they sell it.

Yamaha P45B Review – Final Thoughts

The compact, easy to use, digital piano provides a great sound for aspiring pianists, without sacrificing a realistic and impressive sound.

If you are looking for a beginner piano, a compact piano, or just a piano to practice on, the Yamaha P45B is a great, versatile digital piano to invest in. Also, the Yamaha P45B case is well designed and the piano comes with a Yamaha P45B manual.

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