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Will a Metronome Ever Stop?

Many composers and musicians will use metronomes to keep time. If you have ever used one while playing, it may have felt as though it could go on ticking forever. Will a Metronome Stop? So, is this true? Will a metronome continue until it is stopped or can it cease on its own accord? Well, … Read moreWill a Metronome Ever Stop?

Breaking up with Music Teacher

At some point or another, you may find that you need to part ways with your music teacher. Perhaps, they have taught you as much as they can. Or, maybe, their teaching style isn’t conducive to your learning one. It could also be for an entirely different reason. Regardless, you now need to figure out … Read moreBreaking up with Music Teacher

Can You Paint a Digital Piano?

Manufacturers put most of their attention into improving the sound, function, and performance of a digital piano. As such, they don’t really consider about the color or finish of the instrument. This can often mean that you get stuck with a hue that doesn’t really suit the rest of your décor. Or, it could simply … Read moreCan You Paint a Digital Piano?