Best Electric Piano Stand In 2019

Any Keyboard player understands the importance of a good stand. It makes playing the keyboard hassle-free, provides stability and folds thus making it easy to carry but choosing a good stand can be a daunting task especially for first-time buyers.

What style stand should I buy? Is there a specific brand I should be buying from? I’m sure these questions are ringing in your mind so to make your choice easier we dug deep, tried 20 stands and choose the 5 best electric piano stands for you in 2018.

Knox Gear Z Style Piano Keyboard Stand

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 Knox Gear Z Style Heavy Duty Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand

In 2019, if you are looking for a versatile and reliable piano stand, the Knox Gear Z Style Stand is a great choice for you. What’s great about the Knox is how sturdy it is, the quality feels great and you can feel how sturdy it is when you play. This stand is a personal choice of ours and we recommend it as our 2019 pick.

Best Features

  • Sturdy Reinforced Z Design
  • Adjustable width and height
    • You can pretty much use this for any keyboard
  • Padded foam arms that protect your keyboard from damage and make sure it does not slide
  • Easy to assemble and adjust


For the price, this keyboard stand is fantastic, especially if you have multiple pianos are expect to ever change up your playing style. The amount of adjustments that you can de with this stand will fit almost everyones needs.


On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

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Best Piano Stand 1

The On-Stage KS7365EJ is a stand for the professionals and trumps all other piano stands in pretty much every respect. Here’s what we love about this stand.

Best Features

  • Being a 2 tier stand it can hold 2 pianos at the same time making it one of the most versatile stands on the list.
  • The height, width, and depth can be adjusted individually using the markings at any of the 8 given height positions for tier 1 whereas tier 2 can be adjusted between 5”-12” atop the first tier.
  • Width can be adjusted from 21”-37”. At 21” you can fit in a 55 key keyboard whereas at its maximum it can easily hold an 88 key keyboard.
  • The welded build of the stand ensures durability (yup, this one’s going to last you for years) and enables it to hold 400 lbs on tier 1 and 60 lbs on tier 2. The velveteen rubber at the bottom provides excellent stability (nothing’s moving this bad boy).
  • The flat folding ability of the stand and the removable tier 2 make it easier to store and carry along in between shows.


Yes, it’s on the higher price range but it’s the perfect blend of versatility and convenience making it worth every penny (time to bring you’re a-game Mr. Rockstar).
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RockJam Xfinity Piano Stand

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Best Piano Stand 2

Need something cheaper? RockJam has been one of the most popular brands and the Xfinity is the perfect example as to why the brand’s so highly rated.

Best Features

  • The Xfinity gets its name from its ability to be positioned at any height between 4”-38” so you can play both sitting and standing. With the quick release mechanism, the height can be adjusted within seconds.
  • The double X metal build of the stand makes it durable and ensures it can easily hold even the heaviest of electric pianos.
  • Setting up the new stand is easy and requires little to no assembly as the entire stand comes welded together.
  • The strong support straps fixed to the keyboard in tandem with the slip-resistant rubbers at the bottom provides utmost stability so you can perform without any wobbles or shakes.


While the RockJam Xfinity doesn’t offer the versatility of the On-Stage stand it’s still a great buy considering it’s relatively cheaper.
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ChromaCast X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand (Budget Buy)

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Best Piano Stand 3

Have you just begun playing and do not want to invest in a premium stand just yet? The ChromaCast Stand is a best seller on Amazon and it isn’t just because of its low price.

Best Features

  • Okay, so there’s the low price but what sets the CC-KStand apart from the rest is the 1” double-braced tubing that provides greater durability.
  • The height of the stand can be adjusted from 23.5″-38.5″ so you can easily find a position that best matches your height whereas the width can be adjusted from 12″ to 33″.
  • Since the stand folds flat storing it is easy when not in use and if you’re performing outside carrying the stand becomes less of a headache.
  • Lastly, the slip resistance rubber caps at the end lock the stand in its place ensuring a movement free performance.


While the weight capacity of the piano stand (155 lbs) may be a letdown and it misses the fancy frills of the top picks, it offers great durability and at a price less than $50 it’s the ideal pick for any beginner and you can always upgrade later.
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Knox Gear Z Style Piano Keyboard Stand (Best Z-Style Stand)

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Best Piano Stand 4

Z-style stands are often preferred by experts because it allows greater mobility while performing as you can play the keyboard form both sides.

Knox Gear offers one the best Z-style stand and here’s why we think so.

Best features

  • The Knox Z-Style not only offers stability from the bottom with its slip-resistant base but also from atop as it features anti-skid pad on the handles.
  • Height can be adjusted from 23”-35” in mere seconds using the metal peg while width can be set from 24”-41” so finding the perfect position should be easy.
  • With the adjustable width and the heavy-duty build, you can easily fit in a 41-key electric piano to an 88-key piano with any hassle.


On the downsides, the 45 lbs. weight capacity of the stand is comparatively low. Also, since it doesn’t fold carrying it can be tough.

But its stability remains unmatched and no doubt it is highly versatile and thus for less than $60, we’d call it a steal.

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