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Which is the Best Casio Digital Piano?

With a company like Casio, who prides itself on offering an impressively large catalogue of digital pianos to fit any type of musician, it is especially difficult to narrow down the list to find the best Casio keyboard.

With that being said, there are some instruments that simply set themselves apart in terms of sound quality, key action, and functionality. In this guide, we will look at the top Casio pianos to help you find the best Casio digital piano for any type of musician.

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Casio PX 160BK

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Casio PX 870

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Casio CDP 240

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Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano

Having once had a poor reputation as a digital piano manufacturer, Casio worked hard to overcome their initial hang-ups and position themselves as a premium digital piano brand.

Because of this, all of the pianos that the company produces today are full of unique advantages and cutting-edge innovations. Here are the top benefits of owning a Casio electric piano:

Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano

Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano
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Of all the top digital piano companies, Casio pianos are some of the most affordable options you will find. This is especially attractive if you are a beginner who is looking for a good, affordable instrument that will let you test the waters without making a major investment.

Anytime you can find a great digital piano for a good price then it is a big advantage, and Casio’s catalogue is full of high-quality yet affordable instruments.

Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano

Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano
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Casio produces a very large selection of digital pianos that are marketed towards every skill-level and purpose you could imagine. No matter what type of musician you are or what you are wanting to get out of the piano, Casio has a digital piano that will suite your needs.

Being able to narrow your search down to a single company and still have all the variety and options that you could ask for is a nice advantage.

Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano


Casio PX3Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano50 reviewIn order to ramp up the quality of their digital pianos, Casio hired teams of the best engineers in the industry to design cutting-edge technologies that would make their digital pianos sound and feel better while still maintaining their affordable price.

Because of this, Casio digital pianos are chock-full of some of the best innovations in the industry. Whether it is the piano’s sound engine, its keyboard, or its digital features, the components in a Casio electronic piano are equipped with the most innovative technology you will find today.

Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital Piano


Benefits of Owning a Casio Digital PianoAll of that innovation has led to a selection of digital pianos that are powerfully functional. Most every Casio 88 key digital piano has an excellent key action and great piano sound, giving them a sense of realism that is on par with any of the top digital piano brands.

Lastly, Casio pianos are also known for having nice, useful digital features and a high quality of construction, making them incredibly functional instruments for most any application.

Top 10 Casio Digital Pianos 2024

We have updated our reviews to include the latest Casio digital piano models. Here our our 2024 picks with the best casino digital Pianos:

1. Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Piano

If you’re looking for a piano that will offer you full value for money as well as an exemplary performance, this 88-key keyboard is a good choice to consider. This keyboard comes with touch response features, superb dynamics and superior sound quality. There is an Ivory and Ebony feel as well as three levels of sensitivity for a more exciting experience. This Casio PX760 has a maximum polyphony of 128 notes and the sounds replicate the feel of an acoustic instrument. The damper resonance greatly adds value to the sound quality and ensures you have a superb experience.

A new Concert Play Function play function has been included further increasing the fun and entertainment.  This model comes with a Tri-sensor II scaled hammer action keyboard and Multi-dimensional Air sound source that work closely to deliver an incredible sound performance. The structural design is captivating which makes the piano stand out and look attractive. Extra features include a three pedal system, keyboard cover, a cabinet and integrated stand.

2. Casio PX-560BE Digital Stage Piano

It is evident Casio has put all its efforts in the PX-560 digital stage piano. This keyboard comes with the best speaker system, exciting instrument sounds and superb keyboard action. The good news is this instrument is compact and lightweight with an intuitive and simple user interface, what more would you want? The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard gives you a taste of how it feels to use a grand piano. The sound is good given the output is facilitated by the AIR Sound System. There are 550 tones to make your choice from which means you have freedom to experiment with your music. The PX-560 is a powerful stage piano so if you’re into performances, you’ll definitely love the features and capability of this instrument. However, home musicians also have a lot to love about this great piano with phenomenal features.

3. Casio LK-175 PPK 61-Key Premium Lighted Keyboard

Casio LK-175 PPK is a perfect keyboard that simplifies learning processes to a whole new level. Both beginners and advancing players can use this piano to have a fun experience learning new skills. In a nutshell, Casio LK-175 PPK is an excellent piano for learning. This digital piano comes with a large LCD screen that clearly displays information to help deliver memorable experiences. The lesson system set up has lighted keys that provide clear instructions to the user to better their playing experience. Using this feature and many others, you enjoy greater control that helps you to deliver exceptional performances.

There is an AUX input that allows you to connect to other devices. The USB MIDI port enables you to directly connect to computers and IOS gadgets without needing to install any drivers. For private sessions, headphone connectivity is available. One of the best additions is the high quality stand whose height is easily adjustable to make it convenient for you to play easily.

4. Casio CGP-700BK Compact Digital Grand Piano

Casio CGP-700 is a major contender in digital pianos considering the wide array of features likely to charm pianist who lays their hands on this piano. For starters, the keys resemble those of a grand piano courtesy of the Weighted Hammer Action and high responsiveness. You can easily keep track of all your favorite tones and rhythms thanks to the high definition touchscreen display. Additionally, amplification is taken care of by six powerful 3-way speakers so nothing to worry about when it comes to sound. Casio CGP-700 comes with USB ports, audio/MIDI recording options and auxiliary inputs.

5. Casio PX360BK Key Digital Piano

If you’re looking for a comfortable and joyous piano playing experience coupled with a feel of interacting with a real grand piano, Casio PX360BK is among the best choices you could ever have. The outstanding sound quality, remarkable built-in speaker system, 550 tones and 220 rhythms are key additions not forgetting the beautiful design and color touch user interface.

The 5.3 inch screen makes learning easier. Casio’s Tri-sensor II scaled hammer action ensures you feel the touch and sensitivity of a Grand Piano. There is no doubt, this keyboard has an impressive performance track record. The ebony and ivory textured keys add value to your playing experience. The AIR Sound System outputs a loud, clear and powerful sound as well as Linear Morphing Technology that aids to deliver smooth and perfect transitions.

Reading a Casio digital piano review is a great way to learn more about all the various factors of the instrument. In order to help you find the best Casio keyboard, here are reviews of the company’s top six instruments:

6. Casio PX-150

Casio PX150 review

The Casio PX-150 is currently one of the hottest selling digital pianos on the market. Its extremely affordable price tag makes it a great choice for beginners while its great sound and key action make it popular among intermediate to advanced musicians as well.

The PX-150’s advanced sound engine has three times as much storage capacity as its predecessor, making it able to store and reproduce all of the tiny details and subtle nuances that make a piano sound great.

Casio’s Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keyboard is the best keyboard you will find in this price range and has the perfect level of resistance and responsiveness. At just 20 pounds, the PX-150 is easily transported and comes with enough digital features to give you plenty of options in your playing style.

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7. Casio PX-850

casio px850 review

The king of the Privia line of pianos, the PX-850 is a gorgeous furniture style piano that is packed with powerful capability. This piano is equipped with Casio’s renowned Tri-Sensor keyboard as well as ebony and ivory feel keys that add another touch of realism to the instrument.

Like the PX-150, the PX-850 has a sound engine with three times the memory of the previous generation as well as Casio’s proprietary new sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), which gives the PX-850 a rich and expressive sound.

With 256 notes of polyphony, you never have to worry about dropping a note prematurely, and plenty of digital features such as USB connectivity, split and layering capability, and duet mode give you options as to what type of music you want to play. If you are looking for an affordable, attractive furniture style piano then the PX-850 is a great choice.

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8. Casio PX5S

Casio px5s review

The PX5S is Casio’s attempt to design a powerful stage piano that is far more affordable than any of the other top options. Judging by every Casio digital piano review that praises what a great instrument this is for stage performers it would seem that they knocked it out of that park.

The PX5S has a Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard that feels as close to what you would get with an acoustic piano that you could ever hope to find. The improved sound engine with AiR sound source provides a rich and nuanced sound while 256 notes of maximum polyphony means you will never drop a note.

Along with its acoustic grand sounds, the PX5S also comes with a selection of vintage electric piano sounds to choose from. The interface of the PX5S is intuitive and puts hundreds of different digital effects and adjustments right at your fingertips. The PX5S is great deal for serious stage performers.

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9. Casio PX-750

casio px750 review

The Casio PX-750 is essentially the same piano as the PX-150 but set atop an attractive furniture-style cabinet. This piano comes with the same powerful sound engine as the PX-150 and has a rich and expressive piano sound that is unrivalled in this price range.

With 128 notes of polyphony, you won’t have to worry about dropping notes when using the PX-750’s sustain pedal. Like every piano in the Privia line, The PX-750 comes with a Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keyboard that provides plenty of resistance and a top notch sense of realism.

As an added touch, the PX-750’s keyboard also has ebony and ivory feel keys that give it a nice look and authentic texture. The PX-750 has 18 tones to choose from, USB connectivity, dual and split modes, a duet mode, and plenty of other settings.

Essentially, it is the most affordable, high-quality furniture style piano available, making it an especially popular option for all levels of musicians.

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10. Casio PX-780

casio px780 review

The Casio PX-780 and PX-750 are very similar pianos, with the main difference being that the PX-780 comes with more digital features and voice selections to choose from. The PX-780 is the slightly more expensive instrument, but for many musicians it is worth it for the added variety in terms of what type of tones and music they can play.

The PX-780 still comes with a powerful sound engine and a Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keyboard that make it both sound and feel like a concert grand piano ten times its cost.

Along with this, the PX-780 also has 250 different voices to choose from, 180 drum patterns with full auto accompaniment, a 17-track recorder, and USB and MIDI connectivity.

With so many sounds and patterns to choose from, it is easy to create your own unique musical style, making this a versatile piano for a large variety of musicians and applications.

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Bonus: Casio PX-860

Casio PX860 reviewEvery piano Casio produces in the Privia line shares a lot of similarities with only a few differences that make them more suited for certain musicians. The Casio PX-860 is an almost identical instrument to thePX-760 but with a fuller, more attractive cabinet.

It still has a Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keyboard that makes it feel just like you are playing a quality acoustic piano as well as a powerful sound engine with three times the memory of the previous generation. All said, the PX-860 is the complete package.

It has a rich and detailed sound, a realistic key action, and a beautiful cabinet that will make it the centerpiece of whatever room it is placed in. The PX-860 is a great value for your money and a good fit for both beginners and advanced pianists.

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing a Casio 88 key digital piano is a great choice if you are looking for a great deal on a high quality instrument.

Within the Privia line alone, (which is the company’s flagship line of digital pianos) you will find portable keyboards, powerful stage pianos, and attractive furniture style pianos, giving you plenty of options while still retaining the same high quality throughout.

Renowned for their sound, key action, and affordability, Casio pianos are an excellent choice for any level of musician.