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Yamaha P115 Review: Is The Yamaha P115 a Good Choice?

Yamaha P115 Review: Is The Yamaha P115 a Good Choice?

With more than a few feature in common with its predecessor, the Yamaha P105, the Yamaha P115 is a step up in terms of higher polyphony count, instrument options, piano styles, and improved connectivity options. However, it’s not all about added features; there is much more that makes this piano worth while your money. Read our in-depth review for more details in regard to this magnificent instrument.

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The Yamaha P115 is one of the best digital pianos on the market. With plenty of impressive features, such as a smart phone app and Sound Boost Functions, this is one of the more professional, performance grade digital pianos that Yamaha has made. The sound is painstakingly sampled, and then developed alongside the volume controls so that the tones of the notes are perfect, no matter how loud the volume is.


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The main drawback to the Yamaha P115 is the very small memory that the piano has. There is only room for one recorded song at a time, so in order to keep your recordings you must upload and save them before beginning another. For more advanced players, the lack of an LCD screen and MIDI port can also be a drawback, although there are both AUX and USB ports as a way of fixing this issue.


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Sound Quality

The sound of each key is developed through careful Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling from the renowned Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano. The notes are then fully developed using Intelligent Acoustic Control alongside the adaptive EQ, so that the tones of the music are perfectly in key with the volume, and warping is never an issue. The sound is perfectly clear and precise, so there is very little difference to an acoustic piano in regards to performance.
Yamaha P115

Key Action and Realism

The fully weighted keys allow for a perfectly realistic playing experience. The Yamaha P115 has Graded Hammer Standard keys, meaning they’re heavier in the lower notes and lighter in the higher notes. This makes it much easier to adapt from using the Yamaha P115 digital piano to an acoustic piano. This feature also develops proper finger technique, so when learning to play piano you can be assured that you will be playing the on a realistic keyboard.

The black keys have a beautiful matte finish, so when playing for a long period of time there is no risk of slipping. The keyboard is fully sized, with all 88 keys and the Yamaha P115 boasts a massive 192 notes of polyphony, so duets and larger chords are no problem.

There are also four levels of key sensitivity, so players can adjust the piano to react to their touch exactly how they want it to, allowing for much more expressive play.

Other Features and Specifications

The Yamaha P115 has some of the most impressive and modern features of digital pianos on the market today. The Sound Boost Function allows for the piano sound to be boosted louder when playing with other instruments, so the piano will not get lost when playing at a performance level.

Dual Mode allows for two ‘voices’ to be played at once, such as piano and strings, for a much richer sound. There are 14 voices in total, and although this is not as many as other digital pianos offer, this still gives a good repertoire for developing the sound of the music. There is also a large selection of built in songs and drum beats for players to use to develop their sound. So no matter what style of play you have, this is a great and diverse digital piano to buy.

Probably the most impressive feature of the Yamaha P115, however, is the development of a smart phone app to use alongside the piano. The app allows you to control the many different voices, rhythms, and other functions, right from your phone or tablet. This gives an ease of use that has not been seen with digital pianos before.

Final Thoughts

The Yamaha P115 is a very professional digital piano. With beautiful sound and brilliant functions, this digital piano will serve you well at both practice and performance level. It is both compact and lightweight, so when travelling between performances it will not weigh you down.  So is the Yamaha P115 case. The Yamaha P115 comes with a 3-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about any breakages, as you will be covered for a long time.  There is also a Yamaha P115 manual included. If you are looking for a high quality, professional style digital piano, the Yamaha P115 is a great choice.