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Yamaha DGX650 Review: An In-Depth Look At The DGX650

To say the least, the DGX650 is one of the most fun digital pianos on the market today. Its host of unique, functional, and easy to use features make it an absolute joy to play and experiment with for both beginners and advanced pianists, while its sound quality and key action make it a wonderfully realistic instrument as well. In this Yamaha DGX650 review, we’ll take a look at these features, as well as analyzing the pros, cons, and various aspects of the piano.

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One of the most obvious pros of the DGX650 is its number of great features such as Smart Chord auto accompaniment and a style recommender that provides a list of suitable accompanying styles based off how you are playing. Other pros of the DGX650 include a great acoustic sound, and a realistic key action.


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One of the only complaints about the DGX650 is that, while they are relatively easy to use, there is somewhat of a learning curve to accessing all of the piano’s features. Also, like some of Yamaha’s other digital pianos, the volume output of the DGX650 is not as high as some would like.

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Sound Quality of the DGX650

Utilizing PureCF sampled audio taken from Yamaha’s acclaimed CFIIIS Concert Gran, the sound of the DGX50 is as close to an acoustic piano that a digital piano can get. The only drawback is that you’re not going to be hearing it in reverberating volume, as the piano comes equipped with just two 6 watt speakers. Still, if this is not an issue, then the sound quality of the DGX650 is unparalleled. The DGX650 is capable of producing 128 notes of polyphony, making it very capable of playing any piece without cutting notes short.

yamaha dgx650 review

Key Action and Realism of the DGX650

If there is one thing that Yamaha gets right almost every time on their digital pianos, it’s the key action, and the DGX650 is no exception. The keys of the DGX650 are graded and weighted, meaning they are heavier on the lower end and lighter on the higher end, and their response can also be adjusted between four different settings: Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed.

To surmise, playing the DGX650 is as close as a digital piano can get you to the feel of an actual acoustic piano.

Other Features and Specifications of the DGX650

Despite its quality sound and key action, it’s the list of other features that really set the DGX650 apart. One of these is a Smart Chord system which will automatically embellish the chords of the key you’re holding when pressed. Another great feature is a style recommender which will automatically provide a suitable list of accompany beats based off how you are playing.

The list of features continues with 100 preset songs from artists such as Elton John and Coldplay, 195 preset voices, a damper resonance pedal, USB connectivity, 1.7Mb of storage, the Yamaha Education Suit, which breaks down songs into their individual components to make them easier to learn, and an AUX line output that allows you to connect to a host of other devices such as computers, mobile devices, and even other instruments. To top all of this off, the DGX650 also comes with a one-year warranty from Yamaha.


Yamaha DGX650 Review – Final Thoughts

The DGX650 is a digital piano with all the bells and whistles, plus a solid sound and key action to back them up. If it had a more powerful set of speakers, there wouldn’t be a single complaint against it, but even still, the DGX650 is one of the most fully equipped digital pianos available today.

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