Best Digital Grand Piano Reviews & Digital Baby Grand Pianos: What to Know Before Buying

No other piano is more beautiful than the grand piano. Likewise, no other type of piano plays quite the same, and owning a concert grand piano is the dream of almost every serious pianists. Unfortunately, these gorgeous instruments cost a small fortune to purchase, pushing them out of the price range of most pianists.

For those who still want the experience of owning their own grand piano, there is thankfully a second option. A digital grand piano has much of the same elegance and quality of a high end concert grand piano while also providing many advantages that actually lead many to prefer them.

In this guide, we’ll look at some digital grand piano reviews and discuss what you need to know to find a great digital grand piano for sale.

Grand Pianos on AmazonKeysPolyphonyDimensionsWeightReview
Suzuki MDG-300
Suzuki MDG-300
8812855 x 35.5 x 28 inches165 poundsOur Review
Medeli Digital Grand 1000
Medeli Digital Grand 1000
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8812858 x 47 x 38 inches180 poundsComing Soon!
Suzuki MDG-330
Suzuki MDG-330
8812856.5 x 36 x 33 inches330 poundsOur Review

Digital Grand Piano Buying Guide

Even though they cost about 10% of what an acoustic grand pianos costs, a digital grand piano (or even a digital mini grand piano) are still expensive instruments and it is important to understand a few key factors before you purchase one of your own. In order to help you find the best digital grand piano, consider these important tips:

Digital Grand Piano Buying GuideCost Does not Guarantee Quality

Cost Does not Guarantee QualityThe high price tag on an electronic baby grand piano may seem to ensure that what you are purchasing is guaranteed to be a high quality instrument, however, this is not necessarily the case.

Like any other type of digital piano, there are digital grands that play and sound better than others, and price is not the best way to determine whether or not the instrument you are looking at is the best digital grand piano for you.

Instead, research the piano thoroughly and read through digital grand piano reviews like those I’ve put together in this guide to help you decide which piano you should purchase. And keep in mind that the more expensive piano is not always the better option.

Digital Grand Piano Buying Guide

Appearance is Important

Grand pianos are a work of art. They are the quintessential instrument that you imagine being the centerpiece in the home of a wealthy musician or on the stage at a high-end concert. Because of this, what the piano looks like should play an important role in which one you decide to purchase.

This is not an instrument that you are going to be able to store away in your closet. Wherever you put it, your electronic grand piano is going to have a prominent and noticeable position within your home.

While these pianos play like a dream and are certainly one of the best sounding instruments you can purchase, they are just as much a piece of furniture and decoration as they are a means of making music.

Because of this, it is important to not overlook what the piano looks like and to choose a digital grand that is just as attractive as it is functional. If aesthetics are especially important to you, you may want to have a look at a Roland grand piano as these instruments have a quality of construction and design that cannot be matched.

Digital Grand Piano Buying Guide

Digital Grand Pianos can Vary in Size

If a full sized grand piano simply takes up too much space to be an option, you may want to consider a digital mini grand piano.

These smaller grand pianos are still gorgeous instruments, and many companies have capitalized on designing high quality mini grand pianos, with the Yamaha digital baby grand piano being one of the company’s most popular digital pianos.

Digital grand pianos can vary in size from models that are less the three feet deep to models that are almost six feet deep. Consider how much room you have set aside for your grand piano and look for one that will fit your space restrictions.

Digital Grand Pianos are Just Like Any Other Digital Piano

Digital Grand Pianos are Just Like Any Other Digital Piano
Courtesy of Kris McGuire

In regards to what makes them a high quality instrument, digital grand pianos are just like any other digital piano. It is still important to pay attention to the key action of the instrument to ensure that it is realistic and similar to what you would have on a quality acoustic piano.

The sound quality is still important as well, and you should pay attention to factors such as the size of the instrument’s speakers, how many notes of polyphony it has, how the sound samples were recorded, and other factors that are important to having a high-quality sound.

Likewise, the settings and features of an electronic grand piano are also important to consider. Features such as multi-track recording, MIDI and USB connectivity, and a large number of voices and programs are all what have made digital pianos so popular, and are also great to have in a grand piano.

Evaluate a digital grand in essentially the same way as you would any digital piano and it will be much easier for you to find a great sounding instrument.

Digital Baby Grand Pianos
Courtesy of Rikki Rivera

Digital Baby Grand Pianos

Since digital baby grand pianos are easier to transport and moderately more affordable while having the same classic look as a full-sized model, they are the preferred choice of many looking to purchase an electronic grand piano.

Both pianos in the following digital baby grand piano reviews are two of the best baby grand pianos on the market today. If you are looking for a great grand piano then I strongly recommend you take a look at one of these gorgeous instruments:

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Suzuki MDG-300″ style=”2″]

Suzuki MDG-300

This stunning Suzuki digital baby grand piano is a truly gorgeous looking instrument with all of the features to make it sound and feel just like an acoustic grand piano.

The MDG-300 mini baby grand piano comes with a fully-weighted keyboard whose key action is as realistic as they come and whose velocity sensitive keys can accurately detect how hard you have struck the key and produce a note of the appropriate tone and volume.

Thanks in part to Suzuki’s revolutionary 3D sound sampling as well as the MDG-300’s 128 notes of maximum polyphony, this piano sounds rich and full and is truly a joy to play.

Along with this, it comes with a large number of extra features such as 80 different voices, MIDI and USB connectivity, a built-in headphone jack, onboard recording and playback, and Bluetooth compatibility. Best yet, the MDG-300 is also one of the most affordable digital grand pianos that you will find, especially considering its quality.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Suzuki MDG-330″ style=”2″]

Suzuki MDG-330

The Suzuki MDG-330 is the bigger brother of the MDG-300 and is the more attractive instrument of the two. This electric baby grand piano has a simply flawless design that makes it one of the most beautiful digital instruments you will ever have the chance to see.

Along with having the completely authentic look of a concert grand piano, the MDG-300 is a powerful instrument to play as well.

This piano is equipped with all of the same features that make the MDG-300 great such as a fully-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard, 3D sound sampling technology, as well as extra features such as 128 different voices to choose from, 100 professionally arranged accompaniment styles, and an elegant hand-rubbed lacquer cabinet that is sure to make this instrument the finest piece in any home.

While these mini digital grand pianos are both top of the line instruments, they are not the only great digital grand pianos on the market today.

Both the Yamaha digital baby grand piano and the Samick digital baby grand piano are both excellent instruments with a great key action, realistic piano sound, and plenty of powerful features that give you options as to what type of music you want to play.

If you are looking for a great baby grand digital piano, most any model made by either Suzuki, Samick, or Yamaha is going to be a great-sounding, high-quality instrument.


Final Thoughts

The digital grand piano and digital mini grand piano are both extraordinary instruments that would be the prized possession of any pianist. They are the most attractive instruments in existence today, and the way that the high-quality ones feel and sound is simply beyond compare.

If you are looking for a digital piano that will serve as both a wonderful instrument to play and a beautiful addition to your home then a digital grand piano is a great instrument to purchase.

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