5 Best Pianos For Toddlers: 2019 Recommendations

Last Updated: July 12th, 2019

The piano is an awesome instrument especially for kids who are just beginning to show interest in music. If you want your child to take piano lessons, it is recommended to get them a kids piano as going to lessons without a keyboard makes it difficult for your child to grasp key piano playing skills. Teaching your little one to play the piano at an early age has benefits on their growth and development. Strengthening your child’s brain, easing stress, fear and anxiety as well as help learn new languages are some of the benefits associated with kids learning a piano. Being a universal instrument, the piano is an excellent instrument to begin your kids with.

Are you planning to shop for pianos for toddlers but don’t know where to begin? In this guide, we’ve picked out a list of the best pianos for toddlers with top customer reviews.

Toddler Digital Piano Reviews

To compile our list, we analyzed all the pianos available online for babies and toddlers and selected the top 5 based on customer reviews and features.

#1 – Korg Tiny Piano

If your toddler is interested in music, then a  Korg tinyPiano Digital would be a great place to begin their musical journey. Designed for children aged between 1-3 years, this toy piano is an excellent choice that will keep your child busy for hours. Your kid will have an easier time handling this piano as it is extremely light and portable. You can easily store it in a regular closet or your child’s bedroom. In addition, Korg tinyPiano Digital doesn’t require any assembling and so it can be used in a few seconds. Some of the main features associated with this piano include: 25 built-in sounds and 50 pre-recorded tracks to help your child enjoy playing as they learn, AA batteries that allow up to 6 hours of continuous play and built-in speakers for accurate sound.

#2 – Mellissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

Melissa and Doug Learn-to-Play piano is a great choice if you’re looking for a nice piano to introduce your child to music. The piano comes with a brightly colored design that will capture your kid’s attention as well as 25 keys with full octave. In addition, the piano has an inbuilt illustrated songbook that helps children to learn how to play and internalize popular kindergarten piano rhymes. The construction design conforms to safety standards for kids as there are no sharp edges making it child-friendly. Durability is a huge plus as the piano’s sturdy build allows it to survive rough playing and handling. With a price range of between $55-$70, Melissa and Doug Learn-to-play piano is quite affordable.

#3 – Best Choice Portable Keyboard

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable piano for your little one, Best Choice keyboard is an awesome multi-tool that is available in two different colors. This piano is ideal for both toddler boys and girls. Made from resistant plastic, Best Choice is durable and can therefore, not be easily damaged or chewed.  Features associated with this keyboard include: built-in microphone, 24 piano keys and 4 drums, MP3 jack as well as teaching mode to enable your child easily learn the basic principles of music. A demo mode allows the toddler to easily grasp how to use the keys to produce the desired sound and effects. Every feature included allows a child to have fun while using the piano. Volume and rhythm can both be adjusted as well as a capability to choose from a wide variety of pre-recorded songs. A great variety of tunes and modes and sturdy design rates Best Choice highly in the market.

#4 – Schoenhut Princess Piano

Schoenhut Princess Piano is an excellent choice for a girl who is keen to learn music. This is a great introductory piano that teaches your child the basics of music. With its adorable pink color, the piano has an eye-catching color and design and comes with a superb digital sound plus 25 functional keys to help little girls enjoy versatility and adjust to the use of musical instruments. The custom-made piano is designed for toddlers and small children therefore has the appropriate width of keys to allow for proper finger placement. The  girly, fun, unique and pink design has colorful stickers for every musical note making it easier for your girl to learn the notes. A small pink stand is sold with the piano but for maximum comfort, you may be required to buy an extra bench.

#5 – Amy & Benton Keyboard Toy

This is a mini piano packed with exciting features to ensure your child has a great time. It is customized to help toddlers boost their hearing abilities and development of the brain. Additionally, Amy & Benton helps children to improve their hand-eye coordination. Some of the features of this keyboard include: 22 pre-recorded demo songs, 24 Keys, 8 percussion instruments, 4 musical instruments, Play and Record function, LED lights and a built-in microphone. Thanks to AA batteries, your child can enjoy using the piano for several hours. There is a provision for an external cable to allow the connection of iPads, smartphones and MP3 players. Amy and Benton goes into hibernation after 2 minutes of inactivity boosting energy conservation.

Toddler Pianos: Buying Guide and Considerations

The good news about buying a digital piano for your toddler is that there aren’t a lot of features to consider.

The goal for in buying a toddler piano is to see if your child shows an interest in Piano, and if they do you can upgrade it to a full sized, full featured digital piano.

Size / Length

Toddler pianos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And while your bundle of joy may be tiny right now, we all know how quickly they grow. We recommend buying a toddler piano that is a big larger than you might think is necessary, knowing that your child will grow into it.

Sound Quality & Volume

Take it from other parents who report that when these toddler pianos are too loud and the speakers are crackling, it can be extremely annoying.

As cute as it may be to see your little one “jamming” away, the reality is in the early days they will be smashing those keys and it will not sound pleasant. Aim for a toddler piano that isn’t too loud to keep your household sane while the little one is playing.


There are numerous awesome pianos for toddlers and the list is endless, the above pianos act as a beginners guide to help you make an informed decision.

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