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Best Walk Up Songs For Softball

Ah the walk up song. It’s the perfect way to make a statement when you step up to the plate. Whether you’re trying to psych out the pitcher or just get yourself pumped up the right walk up song can make all the difference.

Traditional Walk Up Songs

If you’re looking for something traditional you can’t go wrong with the classics. Here’s a few of our favorite tried-and-true walk up songs:

Song Artist
Eye of the Tiger Survivor
Welcome to the Jungle Guns N’ Roses
Livin’ on a Prayer Bon Jovi
We Will Rock You Queen
The Final Countdown Europe

Best walk up songs for softball

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Songs for Team Cheers

Organizing your team’s wild and zany cheers can be a daunting task for everyone. But don’t worry – a killer walk-up song can turn even the most catatonic spectator into an energized warrior. Whether you prefer the ’90s classics or are more into modern chart-toppers there’s a song to get the crowd going and ready to cheer on your side. If you’re looking to get the party started with a bang we’ve compiled some of our favorite walk up songs that are perfect for team cheers. Get ready to rock the house and pump up those team spirit vibes!

Slow Walk Up Songs

Is your walk to the plate a bit more measured more contemplative more of a slow stroll rather than a pumped up power strut? Does it take more than 20 seconds for you to reach home plate without any stop signs or construction detours along the way? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a collection of the best most fitting slow walk up songs.

You can’t go wrong with classic rock and Aerosmith’s ode to the Pump Up ‘Dream On’ fits your bill perfectly. Go a little more futuristic with the smooth and melodic tones of Daft Punk’s ‘Digital Love’ an electronic work of art that’ll match your slow paced strut perfectly. Maybe you’d like to hit up some old school Motown with an even mellower pace? We suggest The Isleys’ slick ‘This Old Heart of Mine’.

If classic rock isn’t your thing there’s still plenty to choose from. John Legend’s buttery croon on ‘Ordinary People’ is about as good as it gets for slowed down pop ballads. Or maybe you’d like to kick things up a few tempos but still keep the beat a bit slower. If that’s the case why not rock out to the iconic AC/DC classic ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’.

You can’t go wrong with any of these slow walk up songs. While your competitors rock around the plate to the fast and furious electric tunes of the 80s and 90s you’ll power through with your own distinct slow stylings and sleek melodies. Just remember: should there be any detours in your trek to the plate make sure to pick up the pace once you hit your final destination!

Modern Walk Up Songs

Gone are the days when you’d march up to the plate listening to an AC/DC or Metallica classic as now players are stepping up to the plate with a mix of tunes that cater to their personality and swaggy style. So if you want to be the talk of the diamond and inject a bit of hype into your game we’ve got you covered with some modern walk-up songs sure to get the crowd cheerin’.

Let’s start with some key hip hop bangers to get you rocking. Kendrick Lamar’s chart-topping hit ‘Humble’ has swagger written all over it while Cardi B has got some serious attitude with her hit ‘Bodak Yellow’. You could really mix it up with some classics with 50 Cent and Jay-Z’s ‘I Get Money’ sure to bring a roarin’ smile to the stands.

But if rap isn’t your thing you can always go for the modern day pop classics that are sure to get your crowd singing along. ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii offers the perfect blend of electro and acoustic vibes with a rhythm that just won’t stop. Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Where Are U Now’ and Panic! At the Disco’s ‘High Hopes’ both bring the party atmosphere while Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ is the perfect pace and energy for a triumphant walk up.

No matter what you choose to get your hype up always remember to choose a song that speaks to you and reflects your style. As every player is unique it’s important to pick the song that’s just the right fit for you and will leave a lasting impression on the field. You’re sure to be the talk of the diamond with the perfect track.


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