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Can You Sell a Piano With Ivory Keys

Can You Sell a Piano With Ivory Keys

If you have a piano with ivory keys, you may be wondering if this is something that you can sell. Or if the fact that the keys are ivory will somehow increase the worth of the piano.

These are all good questions to ask if you are planning to sell a piano with ivory keys as you want to get the best price available. Especially if the piano is an antique or has other special features.

Can You Sell a Piano That Has Ivory Keys?

You cannot sell a piano with ivory keys in most if not all areas, especially in the U.S. This is because ivory is illegal in most areas, and it is considered an offense to sell any form of ivory even if it is on an old piano.

The American piano industry stopped making pianos with ivory keys in the mid-1950s and made the switch to plastic piano keys. Shortly after, it became more and more of an ethical issue to include any form of ivory in musical instruments.

Ivory is taken from the ivory tusks of elephants and has become banned in most areas of the world. It is considered to be an illegal good and is usually obtained illegally through poaching the elephants.

Because of this, it is illegal for piano makers, sellers, or distributors to make or sell [pianos with ivory keys. It is also considered to be illegal for individuals to sell a piano with ivory keys.

Does a Piano With Ivory Keys Have Any Worth?

Technically speaking, a piano with ivory keys is worthless no one will touch it. Even if you do get brave and try to sell it, you cannot say that it has ivory keys.

Popular selling places like eBay or Craigslist are designed to spot listings that mention any illegal item, including ivory. If you list an ivory keyed piano, the listing will be promptly taken down.

You also cannot sell the piano to any piano stores or companies as it contains an illegal good, and they would never risk it.

Because you cannot sell the piano, it is basically worthless to you. The only thing that you can do is have the keys removed. Once you do that, you can sell the piano as is or sell it once the keys have been replaced.

This is the only way that you can legally and safely sell the piano, and it will be as valuable as any other piano of its size and make.

What Are Ivory Piano Keys Worth?

Because ivory is illegal, ivory keys are considered to be worthless to most. That is unless you want to deep dive into the illegal or black market.

Even then, ivory keys are only composed of a small sliver of ivory on the top, the rest of the key is made of other materials. This means that ivory keys actually contain very minimal amounts of ivory.

Ivory keys also tend to be damaged as they did not make very good piano keys. As well as the fact that many are at least 50 years old and are worn out.

Even if you could find someone to buy the ivory keys from you, you would most likely not make enough off of them to be worth the effort.

Can You Get Into Trouble for Selling a Piano With Ivory Keys?

You can most certainly get into trouble for selling ivory keys or a piano with ivory keys. Ivory is an illegal good that is banned in most areas of the world as it endangers elephants.

Even though you obviously did not take the ivory yourself, it is still considered a crime to distribute or profit from the selling of ivory-made items.

If it is discovered that you tried to or actually sold a piano with ivory keys, you could get into trouble with the law. You might even be fined for selling an illegal good.

Because piano keys contain so little ivory and are only on antiques, you may get off with a warning or a small fine, but it isn’t worth risking. Especially since some areas may take this offense very seriously.

Can a Piano With Ivory Keys be Sold?

A piano that contains ivory-covered keys cannot be sold as ivory is illegal all over America as well as in other countries. By selling a piano with ivory keys, you would be breaking the law and could face charges.

Ivory is an illegal good that is considered to endanger elephants that are often poached for their ivory tusks. Selling ivory is no joke, even if it is sold on an antique piece like a piano with ivory keys.

It is illegal to sell anything containing ivory, and any online selling market would quickly take down your listing once spotted. Not to mention the fact that ivory did not make very good piano keys as it often cracked, chipped, and discolored.

If you want to sell a piano that has ivory keys, you will need to have the keys removed and replaced with plastic ones. This will make it perfectly legal to sell your piano and make a quick buck.

Many people might assume that a piano with ivory keys would be of higher value with such a rare material, but that is far from the truth. No piano seller or distributor would go near a piano with ivory keys.

Because of these things, it is nearly impossible to sell a piano with ivory keys unless you have them removed and replaced.

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