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Nord Stage 2 Review – An In-Depth Look At The Nord Stage 2

Nord Stage 2 Review – An In-Depth Look At The Nord Stage 2

The Nord Stage 2 is the premium choice for serious stage performers. This digital keyboard has so many different sliders and dials to perform a near limitless variety of audio adjustments that learning to fully access all of the options it gives you is about like learning how to fly an airplane. Indeed, this Nord stage piano is the most powerful option available today for performers who demand the best. In this Nord Stage 2 review, we will take a closer look at the features and technology that go into the Nord Stage 88 key piano to see what makes it such a great instrument for the modern performer.

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The amount of control that this piano gives you almost goes without saying. No matter what style of music you play or how unique your performances are the Stage 2 will be able to accommodate you. This piano has also managed to get the basics right, having a highly realistic key action and great piano sound. From top to bottom, it is truly an excellent stage piano.

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The Stage 2 costs a small fortune. It has the technology and quality of construction to back up its hefty price tag, but this instrument might be out of the budget of all but the most serious musician. In all honesty, the keyboard itself is flawless. Finding a negative review on this instrument is like finding a needle in a haystack. There may be a few quips here and there, most of which come down to personal preferences, but on the whole this Nord keyboard is one of the most well-reviewed pianos in existence.

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Sound Quality

This Nord piano 88 key Stage 2 has three separate sound generating sections—piano, organ and synth—all of which are fine tuned to perfection. Furthermore, these sound sections can be either used simultaneously or layered together to create a customized sound.

The sound quality of the Stage 2 is bold and resonating in a way that no other digital pianos can compete with. The speakers are crisp and powerful, and the sound engine for each of the different sections produces clear and nuanced notes. Playing the Stage 2 is the closest you will come to having a full-sized band at your fingertips, with each of the voices having a sound quality that could compete with the instruments they were recorded from.

Nord Stage 2 review

Key Action and Realism

The Nord Stage 2 is equipped with the company’s newest fully-weighted Hammer Action keyboard. This keyboard has all the responsiveness of an acoustic grand piano packed into a portable digital piano design. All of Nord’s pianos are crafted by hand, and you can almost feel the care that was put into creating this piano.

There is zero clacking or rattling in the keys. Each one has the perfect amount of responsiveness, so much so that even the pickiest pianist will have no problem with the key action of the Stage 2.

Other Features and Specifications

The options and features that the Stage 2 gives you can only be fully appreciated by hours upon hours of exploring the instrument. Suffice it to say that you can produce almost any sound and music style that you can imagine with this piano. Despite how complex it is, the Stage 2 actually has a surprisingly user-friendly interface.

There is certainly a steep learning curve to really get to know how to make all the adjustments the Stage 2 allows on the fly, but it is set up in such a way to be as quick and easy as possible. The Stage 2 weighs 40 pounds, making it plenty easy to transport, and its durable, quality construction ensures that it can survive the strain of being constantly moved from concert to concert.


Final Thoughts

For a serious stage performer wanting to give their performances a powerful boost, the Stage 2 is unbeatable. The Stage 2 has all of the basics that make a digital piano great as well as an almost limitless amount of functionality.

The price tag and intimidating amount of controls may scare away most amateurs, but for a professional musician the Nord Stage 2 is perfect. Until the Nord Stage 3 comes along, this is the best option there is.

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