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Best Future Songs

With a career punctuated by platinum-certified anthems and emotional deep cuts Future Hendrix continues to cement his place in the hip-hop hierarchy.

What are the best Future songs that truly showcase his talent?

Our deep dive analyzes how Future’s raw lyrics and bass-heavy beats have earned him recognition defining the sound and era of modern trap music.

But what makes his music truly unforgettable and endeared to fans worldwide?

Best Future Songs

Best Future Songs

In a genre saturated with incredible talent Future has set himself apart as a true hip-hop legend particularly recognized for his masterful use of auto-tune and his unprecedented influence on trap music. Since 2012 the ATL rapper has held his position at the top amassing an incredible discography filled with platinum records.

Some of his most significant tracks include “Turn On The Lights” which was one of his best-selling singles and reached number two on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts and “Mask Off” which became Future’s highest-charting songs certified eight times platinum. Through his music Future has sincerely expressed his life experiences delving into subjects like intoxication systemic issues faced by Black men and the complexity of relationships.

Future’s Hits

Future has a knack for creating contagious anthems that resonate with his audience long after their release. “F*ck Up Some Commas” is one such track setting the music industry ablaze and earning the rapper a triple platinum certification.

A collaboration with Young Thug “All da Smoke” is another hit where Future confidently asserts his readiness for war. Notably “Monster” a fan-favorite track from the eponymous mixtape projected Future to new heights and established his peak association with the 808 Mafia.

His other remarkable hits like “Perkys Calling” and “Codeine Crazy” offer a harrowing insight into the rapper’s struggle with drugs and the darker more introspective perspective on life. Such tracks authenticate Future’s discography and emphasize his reputation as one of hip-hop’s most influential figures.

Top Tracks By Future

In no particular order we present some of the best Future songs showcasing his mastery of the ATL rap scene:

  • ‘Mask Off’: This high-charting song is a deep dive into Future’s hard experiences. It discusses substance use like lean and xanax and his intoxicating rise to fame.
  • ‘Turn On The Lights’: A certified platinum single it’s one of Future’s most successful tracks. His auto-tune feature herein is a true reflection of his innovative style.
  • ‘Life is Good’ feat. Drake: A chart-topping hit and one of Future’s most streamed songs. It quickly became a popular anthem and achieved Diamond certification in the US.
  • ‘Perkys Calling’: A brutally honest introspection into Future’s struggle with addiction and the darker reality of life being consumed by it.
  • ‘Coding Crazy’: This song illustrates Future’s difficult struggles with drugs. An essential Future tune that showcases his deep emotional baggage.
  • ‘March Madness’: A socially conscious banger addressing systemic issues faced by black men in society. One of his darker but important tracks.

Essential Future Tunes

We handpicked must-listen tracks from Future’s extensive discography. These songs demonstrate the rapper’s fluidity and mood setting abilities:

  • ‘F*ck Up Some Commas’: An aggressive flex song highlighting Future’s inclination to blow through money.
  • ‘Scholarships’ feat. Drake: This song discusses the emotional toll of success. It placed Future on the map with significant Billboard Hot 100 success.
  • ‘Tony Montana’: Inspired by the movie “Scarface” this song showcases Future’s complex storytelling.
  • ‘Comin’ Out Strong’ feat. The Weeknd: Future discusses the adversity he faces and yet not being defeated with a powerful atmospheric insight.
  • ‘Dirty Sprite’: Paying homage to his lean-heavy lifestyle Future presents a high-energy vibe in this certified eight times platinum track.
  • ‘Stick Talk’: This dark anthem addresses violence in the neighborhoods Future grew up in revealing his experiences of a difficult upbringing.

These are just a few of the legendary Hip-Hop Legend’s standout tracks. Future’s songs stand testaments to his fluid lyrical prowess and unique auto-tune style.

Future’S Greatest Hits

Future is a prominent ATL rapper renowned for his aggressive flex songs such as the certified eight times platinum anthem “Mask Off.” This hit is an exploration of substance use and his rise to stardom.

It is loved for getting people onto the dance floor with its captivating trap beats.

Another significant hit is “Turn On The Lights” which rose to number 2 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The song is known for its complex storytelling showcasing Future’s search for an ideal partner.

“Life is Good” featuring Drake has amassed massive popularity among fans. It showcases Future’s experiences and perspective on his luxurious lifestyle and became certified Diamond in the US.

His collaboration with Young Thug in the audacious anthem “All da Smoke” is an assertive assertion of their readiness for war.

Must-Hear Future Songs

  • “Codeine Crazy” exhibits Future’s struggles with drug addiction elucidating his darker side of life.
  • “March Madness” is a potent socially conscious anthem that sheds light on the systemic issues faced by Black men in society.
  • “F*ck Up Some Commas” became one of his most successful singles achieving triple platinum certification.
  • “Monster” from his mixtape of the same name demonstrates his peak with the 808 Mafia and is a fan favorite.
  • “Where Ya At” feat. Drake is a hit single from Future’s third studio album DS2.
  • “Comin’ Out Strong” featuring The Weeknd was a hit that peaked at 48 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Underneath the layers of Future’s music listeners can experience a deep dive into his life from his experiences with fame and wealth to the hardships and demons he wrestles with.

Future’S Top Hits

Future a highly regarded ATL rapper is known for his success on the Billboard Hot 100 with plenty of Top Hits. Amongst his famous songs the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart-topping hit “Turn On the Lights” was a stand-out track that garnered huge recognition.

Another major hit “Codeine Crazy” is a deep dive into Future’s struggles with substance abuse. Shining a light on the darker side of life this track is cherished for its brutally honest look at the allure and perils of addiction.

Codeine Crazy

“Codeine Crazy” is one of the most powerful and telling songs by Future Hendrix. This song showcases Future’s powerfully introspective lyrics depicting his battle with lean addiction and its all-consuming nature.

On the other hand the certified platinum track “F*ck Up Some Commas” became one of Future’s most successful songs. A bass-heavy banger the track celebrates hard times and motivates fans by its anthem-like and motivational influence.

Best Of Future

Handing a lens to peak into the best of Future we have track “Mask Off”. It’s one of Future’s most streamed songs reaching eight times platinum certification.

It explores his intoxication narratives and rise to fame.

Mask Off

“Mask Off” is another remarkable track that doesn’t only showcase Future’s unique flow but also his soulful hooks. Its exotic flute sample and jazzy instrumental make a fan favorite amongst his catalogue.

In Future’s environment-anthem “March Madness” he addresses the systemic issues faced by black men in society. It’s a socially conscious song that has gained wide appreciation from real hip-hop heads.

March Madness

One can’t ignore “March Madness” when discussing Future’s top songs. The song’s atmospheric insight dives deep into societal issues faced by the black people painting a vivid disquieting picture of the world.

Lastly “My Collection” is one of his best songs that reiterates his aggressive yet vulnerable stance on different woman experiences. An honest account of his past relationship transgressions.

Future’S Ultimate Playlist

When you consider the work of ATL rapper Future Hendrix you are bound to encounter a plethora of high-energy tracks introspective lyrics and anthems that highlight his life experiences. This Future’s Ultimate playlist will spotlight some of the rapper’s best contributions to modern trap music curated to encapsulate his stratospheric rise from humble beginnings to hip-hop royalty.

  • Mask Off: This track not only climbed to the top of the billboards but it also turned into a viral sensation. The exotic flute sample and lyrics about Future’s dalliances with drugs carved a niche for itself in rap history.
  • F*ck Up Some Commas: An anthem that became one of Future’s most successful singles certified triple platinum it brags about his ability to blow through money while reinforcing his dominance in the rap game.
  • Turn On The Lights: One of Future’s most emotionally complex songs it reveals a side of the rapper not often seen. It peaked at number two on the Hot R&B/hip-hop charts positioning Future as a force to reckon with.
  • Life is Good: A collaboration with Drake this track became a fan favorite and one of the most streamed Future songs. The track showcases Future’s allure and reach in the hip-hop community.

Future’S Finest Tracks

Now let’s explore some of Future’s finest tracks. Here we aim to highlight songs that showcase Future’s thematic diversity emotional depth and lyrical prowess.

Song Title Album Noteworthy Feature
Codeine Crazy Monster An introspective look at Future’s struggle with drug addiction and the darker side of life
Deeper Than the Ocean Astronaut Status A homage to Jimi Hendrix’s mythical characteristics and emotional depth.
Drankin N Smokin Pluto x Baby Pluto A collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert this track showcases both artists’ signatory style
March Madness 56 Nights A socially conscious anthem that tackles the systemic issues faced by Black men in society
Life is Good High Off Life A Platinum-certified track that celebrates Future’s meteoric rise to fame and success in the game

Each track on this list represents Future’s signature mix of trap beats lyrical complexity and unforgettable anthems. They illustrate the wide range of his talent from his high-energy trap hits to his introspective ballads.

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