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Best Champagne Songs

Discover the allure of music and bubbly combined with our feature on the best champagne songs.

From the intoxicating lyrics of artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande to the fizzy melodies of CHAMPAGNE BOYZ or Meghan Trainor this compilation is sure to add a dash of luxury to your playlist.

No matter your preference – English Japanese Korean or American songs – you’ll find the perfect champagne-themed track to match your mood or event.

But why has champagne become such a popular motif in today’s hits?

Best Champagne Songs

Best Champagne Songs

Champagne songs have proved their popularity since the 70s showing the unique amalgamation of music with exuberance and luxury channeled through champagne.

Being a symbol of happiness celebration and prestige Champagne songs such as ‘Champagne Life’ by Ne-Yo ‘Champagne Problems’ by Taylor Swift ‘Champagne Showers’ by LMFAO and ‘Pink Champagne’ by Carrie Underwood have topped charts and are frequently included in playlists.

These songs not only capture the spirit of champagne but also convey the luxurious lifestyle. Across the globe from Americas to Japanese & Korean artists have constructed their creative plots with Champagne taking the center stage.

Taylor Swift

Taking the spotlight is Taylor Swift’s song “Champagne Problems”

which is still trending in 2023. This song showcases her exquisite lyrical prowess making her one of the leading singers in the champagne songs category.

The song was released in 2020 peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart and is part of her album Evermore.

Its standout lyrics supported by her soothing voice articulate and complex emotions attached with drank making it one of the best champagne songs.

There are many more champagne songs in her repertoire signifying her lasting connection with the luxurious vibe that champagne brings.

Jim Jones

Highlighted among the best champagne songs Jim Jones’ track “Pop Champagne” was a major hit in 2009.

With its contagious beat it’s one of the 15 Songs Associated with Alcohol to Some Extent.

Pop Champagne

This song symbolizes celebration extravagance and the high life synonymous with Dom Pérignon and other luxury champagne brands.

A collaborative effort with Ron Browz & Juelz Santana “Pop Champagne” is a standout among Americas’ top champagne anthems.

Did You Know?

  • Jim Jones is part of the group known as ‘Champagne Boyz’?
  • His song ‘Pop Champagne’ added to the popularity of champagne in the music industry?

Katy Perry

Creating a buzz is the “Champagne Problems” track by Katy Perry. A vibrant and catchy tune from her album ‘Smile’ it is an upbeat soundtrack of celebration and resilience.

Champagne Problems

Just like Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas’s songs with the same name Perry’s version adds another layer to the versatile champagne problems theme.

Did You Know?

  • Katy Perry’s “Champagne Problems” is among the best champagne songs adored worldwide?
  • It is considered as a celebratory yet realistic portrayal of life’s highs and lows like the ‘pop’ of a champagne bottle?

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas an acclaimed artist from the Americas is known for his unique and contemporary sound. His song “Champagne Problems” from his album Last Year Was Complicated is one of his top songs.

The song showcases an edgy sound that has made it into many champagne songs playlists. Its lyrics provide listeners with a rich narrative of celebration luxury and emotional complexity mimicking the multi-layered experience of sipping Dom Pérignon.

Track Details

Year released: 2016

Album: Last Year Was Complicated

Lady A

Lady A another celebrated artist from the Americas has crafted a perfect song for champagne lovers – “Champagne Night”. Madeline Merlo penned this well-rounded country record and it is undoubtedly one of the best champagne songs.

It’s a fun joyous song that encapsulates the spirit of celebration bubbles and toast raising much like the essence of champagne itself. This sparkly track is an essential pick for the playlist of any champagne enthusiasts.

Track Details

Year released: 2020

Album: Ocean Deluxe Edition


“Champagne Rose” is a standout among the best champagne songs.

This track features Quavo alongside Madonna and Cardi B delivering a luxurious vibe.

The track was released in 2018 and boasts over six lakh views on YouTube.

Table 1. Champagne Rose Facts

Release Year Featured Artists YouTube Views
2018 Madonna Cardi B Over 600000

Quavo’s luxurious lifestyle shines through the lyrics signifying the status and prestige associated with champagne.

BJ The Chicago Kid

Another song to highlight is “Champagne” by BJ The Chicago Kid.

From his 1123 album this is an R&B track with a sexy funky edge.

Table 2. Champagne by BJ The Chicago Kid Facts

Album Genre Song Title
1123 R&B Champagne

This song is a perfect addition to any playlist of 15 Songs Associated with Alcohol to Some Extent.

Jay Park

Korean-American artist Jay Park is known for blending hip-hop with touches of R&B. His song “Champagne Diet” featuring 28AV Gemini & pH-1 is truly a representation of living a luxurious lifestyle — it is aspirational oozing with extravagance style and the finest things in life.

“Champagne Diet” and its Representation of Champagne

In “Champagne Diet” Park and his collaborators rap about the high life indicating a journey to the top in the music industry. To them champagne stands for success glamour and toasting to their achievements — all while keeping the vibe cool and the energy high.

The lyrics of “Champagne Diet” inspire listeners to aim for the good life and enjoy the fruits of their labour — a constant theme in many best champagne songs.


Renowned American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo hit the right chords with his smooth vocals and brilliant storytelling particularly in his song “Champagne Life”. From the album Libra Scale this track stood out for its symbolism of champagne.

“Champagne Life” and its Role in Popularizing Champagne Songs

Released in 2010 “Champagne Life” effectively cemented its place in the panorama of best champagne songs. Peaking at the 25th position on the Billboard US Adult R&B Songs chart the song beautifully captured the essence of the good life.

As seen in its lyrics champagne signifies celebrations prosperity and living life king-size — themes consistent with prevalent champagne metaphors in music.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor decorates her discography with champagne songs. Her track “Champagne Problems” from the album “Thank You” is a lighthearted groovy record.

The lyrics provide an image of celebration sparkling with references to beautiful Champagne.

  • Meghan released the song in 2016 and it’s been a popular hit ever since.
  • The song symbolizes a carefree take on life’s problems turning them into “Champagne Problems”.

It’s a track that’s fit for a toast and an add favorite to any champagne songs playlist.


Lmfao known for their infectious party anthems takes a spot on the list. Their sensational hit “Champagne Showers” featuring Natalia Kills is a testament to this.

Released in 2011 it has amassed over 276 million views on Youtube and continues to dominate party playlists.

  • The lyrics speak of luxurious celebration and drunkenness typical of Lmfao’s party atmosphere.
  • It’s a driving dance hit accurate for a high-energy celebration.

Known for its electronic dance music vibes this song certainly adds to the diversity of the best champagne songs.

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