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Yamaha NP11 Review – Is The NP11 A Good Choice?

Yamaha NP11 Review – Is The NP11 A Good Choice?

The Yamaha Piaggero NP11 is just about the most affordable quality keyboard that you will find. The NP11 Yamaha is a well designed keyboard with all of the features that make Yamaha digital pianos great but in package that costs a fraction of most digital pianos, making it a great choice for beginners or anyone wanting a cheap portable keyboard that still has a good key action and sound. In this Yamaha NP11 review, we’ll look at the features that make this 61 key piano keyboard so good for these applications.

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For a high-quality, Yamaha keyboard this price is an absolute steal. The Yamaha NP11 is also incredibly portable, weighing just 13.8 pounds and coming in a slim and compact size. The piano has a soft touch keyboard that is surprisingly realistic for a piano this portable and a sound quality that is greatly enhanced by all of Yamaha’s recording and sound engine innovations. Finally, the NP11 has plenty of useful features and settings for you to explore.

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The NP11’s soft touch keyboard is great for a digital piano this size, but some will still find it a little light to the touch. Though it is hard to notice, the keys on the NP11 are also slightly smaller than actual piano keys. Again, this is great for keeping the piano compact, but it does sacrifice something in terms of realism.

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Sound Quality

The piano sounds in the NP11 were recorded using Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology, an excellent innovation that accurately captures all of the subtle nuances of an acoustic piano sound. The result is that the NP11 has a rich and full sound quality that Yamaha pianos have come to be known for.

If you are looking for a cheap, portable keyboard, but do not want to sacrifice any quality in the way the piano sounds then the NP11 is a great digital keyboard to consider.

Yamaha NP11 reviewKey Action and Realism

Given its weight, the NP11 has a really nice key action. Often times, a 61 or 66 key piano does not come with a keyboard that is weighted at all. The NP11 not only has a weighted keyboard, but it is also quite responsive and doesn’t have any really noticeable clacking sounds that cheap keyboards are sometimes known to have.

The NP11’s keyboard may be a stretch from what you would find on a quality acoustic piano (or even one of Yamaha’s more expensive digital pianos such as the Yamaha P105) but it is good enough to satisfy most musicians and make the Yamaha Piagerro NP11 a great backup or travel keyboard.

Other Features and Specifications

The NP11 has a lot of nice settings and features to explore. These include 550 different voices to choose from, reverb and dual/layering effects, a built-in metronome, 20 preset songs, a sustain pedal, MIDI connectivity, and a built-in headphone jack. The NP11 weighs just under 14 pounds, making it a highly portable instrument to take with you on the go.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cheap beginner piano or one to take with you when you travel then the NP11 certainly qualifies. It has a good key action, a great piano sound, and is highly portable. Along with this, it has hundreds of voices and plenty of other useful features to employ, making it a great keyboard to consider.