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How much is a Wurlitzer Piano Worth?

Are you thinking of buying or selling a Wurlitzer piano. If so, you are probably wondering how much such a piano is worth.

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After all, this is the only real way to determine how much you should charge or pay for the instrument.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all that straightforward to determine the true value of a Wurlitzer piano. This is because there are numerous factors to consider. If you are interested in learning all these elements, here is what you need to know:

About Wurlitzer Pianos

It can be argued that Wurlitzer is one of the most well-known names in the music industry. Even if you aren’t a professional musician, you will have probably heard about these instruments. So, what’s the big deal?

Well, to begin with, Wurlitzer was one of the first American companies to sell their pianos to the general public. This meant that they became household names, with many children growing up hearing the sounds of a Wurlitzer echoing throughout their home.

There is also the fact that Wurlitzer made even upscale pianos like grand and baby grand pianos accessible to the most people. While these pianos didn’t really measure up in terms of sound quality, they were durable and suitable for the average home.

Types of Wurlitzer Pianos

Now, there are different types of Wurlitzer pianos, with each of them priced at a different point. Thus, you need to gain a better understanding of these if you want to know how much they may be worth.

There was the Wurlitzer spinet piano, other upright pianos, studio, console, baby grand, and grand piano. As time went on, the company also produced electric pianos as well. These newer inventions were known for their ability to mimic acoustic instruments beautifully.

In most instances, console, upright pianos, and grand pianos are considered to be the better instruments. Spinets were typically used for beginner pianists who were just learning the basics of piano playing. They were also found in many households for social events.

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Calculating Wurlitzer Piano Value

Of course, the main question is what the value of these pianos is. How much is a Wurlitzer upright piano worth?

Now, as you may be aware, these pianos aren’t produced anymore. Due to this, there are considered somewhat of a rarity. So, a collector looking for such a piano may be willing to pay a higher price tag. However, this isn’t the only thing to take into consideration.

Needless to say, condition is of the utmost importance here. If a Wurlitzer is available in mint condition then, naturally, it will be worth a higher price. Keep in mind that condition doesn’t just mean the sound quality of the piano, it is also referring to the exterior as well.

The type of piano will also factor into the equation. As with any piano company, Wurlitzer built pianos that ranged from mediocre to quite good. There will not be as much demand for lesser quality pianos, while a better built piano will fetch a higher price.

All in all, there can be quite a bit of variation with how much Wurlitzers are worth. Some can sell for as little as $600, while there are some models that can cost up to $15,000 – perhaps even more!

Are Wurlitzer Pianos Worth It?

Before you spend your hard earned money on this piano, you should ask yourself, is it a good deal? Well, if you were to read any review of these instruments, you would realize that they had limited use.

As mentioned, these pianos were simply built to give everyone an option of playing the piano without having to invest too much in the hobby. Due to this, they may work well for someone who isn’t actively trying to improve their piano playing.

Most advancing or professional pianists will feel rather limited by this instrument. Not to mention, the sound quality doesn’t really measure up to some of the better known brands today.

Wurlitzer pianos may be worth it if you don’t mind holding onto a piece of the past. On the other hand, if you are looking for an instrument that can help you to improve your skills, you should look for a more modern option.

Wurlitzer Piano for Sale – How Much Should You Ask?

If you are in possession of a Wurlitzer, how much should the selling price be? Well, there are several different elements to consider before settling on a number.

My Wurlitzer Piano Serial Number Is ****** What Year Is It?

First things first, you need to know how old a piano is. In many instances, the older it is, the more valuable it can be. To figure out the age, check the serial number on the piano. Then, look at the table below. The year corresponding to the number will tell you how old your machine probably is:

Serial Number Year of Production
1910 1903
4500 1905
11600 1910
2200 1915
40000 1920
63000 1925
112000 1930
136000 1935
195000 1940
330000 1946
400000 1950
537000 1955
657000 1960
905000 1965
1105000 1970
1385000 1976
1595000 1980
1825000 1985
2080001 1990
2825969 1995
2840520 2000
2842220 2001


Identifying the Worth of an Old Wurlitzer Piano

It has already been stated that condition, quality, and age matter a great deal in determining the value of a piano. Nevertheless, there are still a few other factors that you need to know about.

Well, if a person is looking to play the Wurlitzer piano that they are buying, then they will be looking for a higher quality model. In such an instance, you will find that a Console model will sell for higher than a Spinet one. Of course, this will remain true even if people are looking for an antique rather than an instrument.

Another thing to consider is how the Wurlitzer was refurbished. If someone is looking for a collector’s item, then they are possibly going to want one that has all of its original parts or was refurbished with genuine Wurlitzer parts.

You may have to lower the price if the parts were swapped out for something newer. On the other hand, this could be a feature that pianists may be looking for as it could improve the playability of the instrument.

Bear in mind that when selling Wurlitzer pianos, that a certain amount of bargaining will take place. Even collector’s may not be willing to pay too high of a price for these pianos. Thus, in the end, you may need to settle for a more realistic amount.

If you do want to get a higher price, it may be worth it for you to go through a dealer. Yes, they will get a cut of the profits, but they will be better equipped to market your piano. This avenue may be particularly helpful if you are looking to sell an older Wurlitzer piano.

Walue of a Wurlitzer piano

This is what you need to know about the value of a Wurlitzer piano. It can be rather difficult to ascertain just how much these pianos are worth. Rather, you have to take a look at each individual factor including age, condition, sound quality, and more. It is only then that you will be able to determine what kind of price you can expect with such an instrument.