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5 Most Expensive Pianos In The World

A piano is among the most popular musical instrument. The piano creates any type of music and you can find many pianists who are talented. Since centuries before, many renowned musicians proved their prowess and carried the piano everywhere they toured. Many famous artists paid a fortune to acquire their personal pianos they used during their musical careers. Since time in memorial, various kinds of pianos were sold for thousands of dollars even millions. In this article, we seek to know which the most expensive pianos on the world. We discuss the 5 most expensive types of pianos.

Crystal Piano, Heintzman $3.22 Million

Crystal Piano

Made using real crystal, it is no wonder this exclusive piano is considered to be the most expensive piano in the world today. The piano was designed and manufactured by Heintzman, a Canadian based piano manufacturer. Crystal Piano was displayed and played in a lifetime performance by global icon and Chinese Pianist Lang Lang at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and was seen by a billion spectators. Afterwards, the piano was retired and later sold at auction to an unknown bidder who paid a whopping $3.22 million making it the world’s most expensive piano. There’s no doubt, this item manufactured with real crystals can never be cheap so it’s not surprising to have Steinway on this list. This piano is highly fragile and that could be the reason why it was only played once.

John Lennon’s Steinway & Sons Legend Model Z $2.37 Million

Steinway takes the second spot on the list thanks to The Model Z which is a collaboration between John Lennon and Steinway and Steinway and Sons. British icon George Michael bought this piano for an unbelievable price of $2.37 million bringing it on the spotlight as one of the world’s most expensive pianos. He is the current owner of the piano which he uses to make his own compositions. The exclusive and top-end woody look that adds a stylish appearance to the piano. This piano has a high price which is credited to its ivory keys that John Lennon played. He also used the piano to write “Imagine”, his hit song.

Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand Piano, Steinway & Sons $1.925 Million

Red Parlor Grand Piano

Steinway and Sons makes another entry into the list with Red Pops for (RED) Parlor

Grand Piano with a price tag of $1.925 million. This piano has an eye-catching red design and white design that gets its inspiration from Bono. The design was meant to catch attention at a New York Red Auction charity event meant to fight Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS in Africa. The good news is the piano sold for $1.925 million with the entire amount donated to charity. The blend of red and white colors is magical and evokes a feeling of elegance and lavishness. The piano was the most expensive item that was sold at the auction.

Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons $1.63 Million

Sound of Harmony Concert Grand took 4 years to complete building which is understandable considering this piano has been decorated with over 40 types of wood. The lid is an artwork product of Shi Qi, a Chinese painter. Some of the woods used for building this $1.63 million piano include rosewood, ebony and ashwood among others. The recipient of this exclusive piano was Guo Qingxiang, a Chinese art collector. In this piano, you will find creatively decorated designs not forgetting to mention, its acoustic-type quality courtsey of the 40 layers of wood used in its construction. After a long building process, Steinway signed his name with guess what? Crystallized gold! This is far from the norm as he uses ink to sign his other pianos.

Galaxy Piano $1.36 Million

Galaxy Piano

Coming in as the 5th most expensive piano in the world is Galaxy Piano which sold for a whopping $1.36 million. The piano characterized with a 24-carat gold plated body of fiberglass is aimed for users with a keen eye for detail. Galaxy piano is considered to be futuristic piano and is not an ordinary music piece you will find on the market as only 5 galaxy pianos have ever been created. Some of the features of this piano include an automatic lid and curved keys. If you hope to become an owner someday, you have to find the owners and make an attractive offer.