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Casio PX350 Review: Is it worth the extra cost?

Casio PX350 Review: Is it worth the extra cost?

The Privia series by Casio is far and above the company’s most popular line of digital pianos and is stocked full of high quality instruments to suit most any musician or purpose. The Casio PX350 is another one of these pianos, equipped with all the latest and greatest tech that make it sound and feel just like an acoustic piano while still offering all of the digital advantages. In this Casio PX350 review, we’ll take a look at the various features and components of the PX350 and analyze whether it is a good piano to buy.

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Key Features & Specs

  • Keys: 88, Medium Weight
  • Polyphony: 128
  • Dimensions: 52″ x  5.3″ x 11.3″
  • Weight: 36lbs


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The Tri-Sensor, Scaled Hammer Action keyboard, complete with ebony and ivory feel keys, in the PX350 is Casio’s flagship keyboard and is truly a pleasure to play. The sound engine inside the PX350 is also improved, having three times the memory of its predecessor. This means that the PX350 is able to produce sounds that are much richer and more realistic and is a huge advantage of the PX350. Really, however, the biggest pro to the PX350 is the sheer amount of technology inside it. From the key action and sound engine to the various settings and programs, the Casio PX350 is one of the top most innovative digital pianos in production today.


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If the volume of the PX350 is turned down very low, you may notice some slight clicking in the keys when they are pressed. Really, (other than the rare defective product which can be easily returned) this is the only issue that some people have had with the PX350. From top to bottom, this is an excellent digital piano that simply doesn’t warrant many complaints.


Our Ratings

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Sound Quality

Having three times as much on-board memory as its predecessor is a big leap for the PX350, and it is a difference that you can notice. The PX350 sounds bold and resonating, with all of the nuances of a hammer striking strings. The Acoustic and intelligent Resonator sound engine is Casio’s most powerful sound engine to date, and, combines with the PX350’s Tri-Sensor keyboard, is able to produce a massive variety of varying notes. Lastly, the PX350’s Damper Resonance simulator accurately produces the perfect sound when the sustain pedal is used.

Casio PX350 review

Key Action and Realism

The Tri-Sensor, Scaled Hammer Action keyboard is as good as it gets in terms of realism and functionality. Three separate sensors are able to detect precisely how hard the key has been struck in order to produce the perfect note every time, and the key action of the PX350 has exactly the right amount of resistance, with the lower keys being heavier than the higher ones just like what you would experience on an acoustic piano. The ebony and ivory feel keys give the keyboard of the PX350 its final touch, making it the most realistic keyboard you will find in this price range.

Other Features and Specifications

Other useful features of the Casio Privia PX350 include 250 different voices to choose from as well as the ability to split and layer any two of these voices, 180 drum patterns to accompany you, MIDI and USB connectivity, a 17 track recorder, and a ¼ inch audio jack to connect to an external amp, recorder, or headphones. The PX350 weighs just 25 pounds, making this Casio Privia keyboard an extremely portable option for traveling musicians. The Casio PX-350 also can be purchased along with a sturdy, collapsible stand and a pedal system that gives the keyboard the same 3-pedal functionality of an acoustic grand piano.


Final Thoughts

The PX350 is a superb digital piano that is packed with all of the innovative technology that Casio could put in it. Even better than this, the PX350 comes with features that are simply unheard of for digital pianos in its price range. Whether you are looking for a portable keyboard to take with you or one to set up in your home, the Casio PX-350 is one of the best options you will find.