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Best Margarita Songs

If you’re a music lover looking to spice up your next margarita-filled gathering our list of the best margarita songs will surely set the perfect mood.

Whether you’re daydreaming about margaritas and beachside scenes while at work or simply throwing back a few with friends on a lazy afternoon these tunes about our beloved Mexican cocktail are guaranteed to make a splash.

But how did artists from Clay Walker to Jimmy Buffett to La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho manage to encapsulate the vibrant spirit of a margarita in their music?

Let’s take a sip and unravel the stories behind these tasty libations for your ears.

Best Margarita Songs


Known as one of the best margarita songs to date ‘Margaritaville’ is a classic. This song composed by Jimmy Buffett in 1977 is about a man who stays in a Mexican resort as he reminisces about a failed romance.

The song was added to the 2016 Grammy Hall Of Fame cementing its place in music history. The soothing melody paired with the lyrics about a man nursing his heartache with a margarita makes it a must-listen on National Margarita Day.

20 Margaritas

Another country song that places margaritas at the forefront is the hit ’20 Margaritas’. Performed by the country music duo Big & Rich the song embodies the spirit of drinking margaritas to ease heartache.

It was written by Kenny Rich and released on November 15 2005 quickly becoming a country classic. This catchy tune is all about drowning sorrows in 20 Margaritas to forget a lost love making it another ideal song for National Margarita Day.


Originating from Mexico the Margarita is a popular cocktail well-known in the music industry. Songs about Margaritas range from Jimmy Buffett’s 1977 song ‘Margaritaville’ to “20 Margaritas” by the country music duo Big & Rich.

Each Margarita song tells a unique story. Some speak about the simple joy that comes from day drinking with this delightful Mexican cocktail while others explore deeper emotional ties linked to the drink.

Each of these songs connects people to the feeling of sipping Margaritas on a front porch swing or at their favorite watering hole.

  • Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”
  • “20 Margaritas” by Big & Rich
  • “Margarita” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  • “Margarita” by Mighty Sparrow

These songs capture the essence of the dreamy margarita made with tequila Triple sec and lime juice served in a glass with a salted rim. Whether it’s the taste the Tequila or the soft whisper of liquid courage that comes with it these songs hold the spirit of the drink high.

National Margarita Day

Every year on February 22 Margarita lovers celebrate National Margarita Day. This is a day dedicated to enjoying this tasty cocktail.

In commemoration people listen to these songs and others to get in the spirit of this annual celebration.

Mighty Sparrow

Grenadian calypso singer Mighty Sparrow has been influential in popular music and his song “Margarita” is among the best margarita songs ever. Released from his album Dance Party Gold in 1994 this song encapsulates the essence of the timeless Margarita cocktail.

“Margarita” by Mighty Sparrow lures listeners to dance on the dancefloor just as the allure of a fresh margarita. Listening to the song promotes a sense of celebration just like the spirit invoked by National Margarita Day.

“Margarita” In Music

The beauty of music is the unique flavor artists add to their creations. Mighty Sparrow a music legend used the Margarita to create a piece that’s both timeless and catchy proving that music and Margaritas make a great blend.


The song “Margarita” by Wilkins a popular figure in Latin pop and rock instantly draws people to the dance floor.

Released in 1988 it’s different from typical best margarita songs reflecting a Hollywood movie theme more than a country or jazz sound.

“Margarita” quickly became a favorite for people looking to celebrate with a glass or two of this classic Mexican cocktail.

The song’s energetic beats and catchy lyrics make it a great choice to add spice to your National Margarita Day celebrations.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw one of country music’s iconic figures also lends his voice to the best margarita songs list.

The song “Senorita Margarita” comes from his fifth studio album “A Place in The Sun” released in 1999.

It’s a country tune through and through with resonant guitar chords and McGraw’s unmistakable vocals setting the mood for a relaxed day drinking on a front porch swing or your favorite watering hole.

If you’re a fan of country tunes and enjoy throwing back a margarita or two this song is a perfect pick for you.

Song Title Artist Year
Margarita Wilkins 1988
Senorita Margarita Tim McGraw 1999

Purple Mountains

Within the realm of Margarita songs the hit “Margaritas At The Mall” by Purple Mountains has its own special place. Released on July 12 2019 it comes from their debut album.

This song captivates the audience with its intriguing lyrics that boast the Margarita a delightful Mexican cocktail as an escape from a monotonous life. Suitable for a day of relaxation.

Whether you’re celebrating National Margarita Day on February 22 or just setting the mood for a regular day this melodic tune is perfect for those seeking refuge in this whimsical drink.

Clay Walker

Country singer Clay Walker enthralled margarita fans with his catchy tune “I Need A Margarita”. From his album “Rumor Has It” this song was released on April 8 1997.

The songcraft of Clay Walker weaves a tale about losing oneself in the flurry of day’s troubles and finding solace in a glass of Margarita.

If you’re day drinking or relaxing on your front porch swing this song goes well with the vibe. It’s a must-have on your playlist when hitting your favorite watering hole or celebrating National Margarita Day with a frozen margarita in hand.

Coffey Anderson

Country singer and songwriter Coffey Anderson’s tune “Tacos And Margaritas” is a featured song about margaritas from his studio album ‘This Is Me’. Released in early January 2016 Anderson’s song is perfect for an afternoon on a front porch swing or at your favorite watering hole.

Lyrics center around the joy of simple pleasures like a tasty margarita.

Embed this song in your playlist and celebrate National Margarita Day on February 22 by throwing back this delicious Mexican cocktail. It’s a tribute to the timeless drink combining tequila triple sec and lime juice usually served in a glass with a salted rim.

Sleepy Brown

For something with a different flavor check out “Margarita” a smooth R&B song by Patrick ‘Sleepy’ Brown featured with Big Boi and Pharrell Williams. This track is from Brown’s debut album ‘Mr.

Brown’ released in the late 1990s.

The song “Margarita” is a salute to the beloved drink and the relaxation it represents. Bask in the tropical rhythm as Brown alongside Big Boi and Pharrell praise the wonders of the margarita.

These tunes and more will definitely set the mood for a rocking National Margarita Day celebration! Need more recommendations?

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