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Yamaha DGX 640 Review – An In-Depth Look At The DGX 640

Yamaha DGX 640 Review – An In-Depth Look At The DGX 640

The Yamaha DGX 640 is the big brother of the Yamaha DGX 530 and is overall the superior instrument. The DGX 640 comes with a 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard—Yamaha’s flagship keyboard which is simply a joy to play, as well as a great sound and an almost limitless amount of digital features. In this Yamaha DGX 640 review we will dissect why the DGX 640 is such a popular digital piano and see what type of musicians it would be best for.

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The key action on the DGX 640 is superb, feeling as close to an acoustic piano as any digital piano could hope to come. Thanks to Yamaha’s innovative sampling technology and advanced sound engine, the sound of this piano is just as great. Add to this hundreds of voices, effects, settings and modes to explore and the DGX 640 becomes a truly great piano to consider.


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The DGX 640 is no longer in production by Yamaha, meaning that finding one for sale may be a challenge. Also, the stand that the piano comes with is not very great and has a tendency to fall down. This, however, is a cheap fix.



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Sound Quality

The DGX 640 comes with 535 total voices to choose from, most of which have a full and rich sound quality. Concerning the standard piano sound, the DGX 640 is absolutely excellent. Yamaha’s innovating sound sampling techniques produce a sound that is full and rich with all of the nuances that make a piano great.

The DGX 640 has 64 notes of polyphony so you never have to worry about dropping a note prematurely. All said, the DGX 640 sounds amazing, especially for an affordable digital piano.

Yamaha DGX 640 reviewKey Action and Realism

The Yamaha portable grand DGX 640 comes equipped with the company’s GHS keyboard—Yamaha’s flagship keyboard and their most popular one to date.

Thanks to this keyboard, the key action of the DGX 640 Yamaha is simply amazing. The keys have just the right amount of resistance and are graded, just like an acoustic piano. If realism is important to you, then the DGX 640 is an excellent choice.

Other Features and Specifications

The Yamaha DGX 640 is absolutely loaded with helpful features, settings, and functions. These include 530 different quality voices, a digital signal processor that can add 237 types of digital effects to these voices, the renowned Yamaha Education Suite, USB connectivity, a built-in headphone jack, a large music database, Performance Assistance Technology, an Easy Song Arranger that will let you play any song in any style, and dozens more.

The DGX 640 weighs 83 pounds, meaning it’s not entirely portable but it is more than easy enough to transport into place.


Final Thoughts

The DGX 640 is a great piano with an absolutely superb key action and acoustic piano sound. It is loaded with hundreds of useful features and is a great instrument for any level musician. This piano is one of the best digital pianos from an already great company, making it an instrument worthy of a place in any serious musician’s home.