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Kawai ES100 Review – How Good Is The ES100?

The ES100 is one of Kawai’s finest digital keyboards, which is saying a lot given the company’s large catalogue of high-quality instruments. The ES100 has a graded hammer action keyboard that is highly realistic and provides plenty of resistance as well as 8 different piano sounds, each of which are rich and resonating. The ES100 also comes with plenty of useful features and weighs 33.1 pounds, making it a great portable electric piano. In this Kawai ES100 review we will take a look at all the details and features of the ES100 to see what makes it such a high quality instrument.

*last price update on 2022-02-26

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This keyboard is an excellent instrument for serious musicians who want a piano to take with them on their gigs. It feels and sounds great, better than any portable digital piano in its price range, and is still light enough to be easily transported. It has a fine, durable construction as well as loads of settings and modes that you can put to use. The Kawai ES100 also has a hefty 192 notes of polyphony, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about a note being cut off prematurely.

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There really are not many complaints about this instrument. It is a little pricier than some digital keyboards, but it does come with the technology and quality to back up its price tag. Some have complained that it only has the output for a single sustain pedal, but this is pretty standard for portable keyboards. The speakers are not extremely powerful, meaning it might be overpowered if you are playing alongside many other instruments (unless you connect it to an amp). Other than this, there really are no major drawbacks to the ES100.

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Sound Quality

Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging Technology is one of the most advanced sound sampling innovations on the market today, and the tones it produces are crisp, resonating and nuanced. The ES100 sounds as close to an acoustic grand piano as any digital keyboard could ever hope to. Along with this, the ES100 comes with 8 different piano voices to choose from as well as 19 total voices, all of which are excellent quality. 192 notes of maximum polyphony is a powerful advantage that means you can play even incredibly complex pieces without ever dropping a not. The only knock against the ES100’s sound quality is the power of its speakers. They are, however, powerful enough for most every application, and the piano sounds that come out of them are absolutely great.
Kawai ES100 review

Key Action and Realism

The Advanced Hammer Action IV-F that the ES100 comes equipped with is the most innovative keyboard that Kawai has produced. Despite the fact that the ES100 weighs less than 35 pounds, its keyboard is still completely weighted and feels just like an acoustic piano. This is a huge plus for stage performers who demand perfect realism out of their traveling piano or for beginners who want to learn on a digital piano that feels as close as possible to an acoustic one. In spite of the fact that the ES100 is a portable keyboard, its key action ranks among the best of any digital piano today.

Other Features and Specifications

One of the best features of the ES100 is the fact that it comes with built-in Alfred piano lessons. If you are a beginner then these lessons can be invaluable and are like having a piano teacher built into your keyboard. The ES100 also comes with dual and split modes for combining the voices, a headphone jack, 19 different voices, and 192 notes of polyphony.


Final Thougths

The ES100 is a powerful digital piano with a key action and acoustic piano sound that is the best in its class. It plays like a piano twice its weight and price, making it one of top choices today for all skill levels of musicians. For almost any application, the ES100 is a great fit, making it an excellent piano to consider.

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