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Best Digital Pianos Under $1,000

We are living in an era where the popularity of digital pianos has increased. If you’re working with a tight budget, you can get a nice digital piano for $1,000 or less even though you need to research and clearly know your options. Of course, the piano you select should match your expectations and effectively meet your needs. For instance a piano that is perfect for beginners cannot possibly meet the expectations of an advanced piano player. For $1,000 price tag, you can find an 88-key weighted digital piano with a nice responsive feel, realistic piano sounds and weighted hammer-action keys among other features. There is no doubt even with $1,000 price point, you’ll be able to get an awesome digital piano built with modern engineering techniques and precision.

Roland FP30

The Roland FP30 is a great option if you’re looking for digital pianos under the $1,000 price tag. With an approximate price tag of $670, the FP30 has an awesome play and feel. Roland has definitely excelled in keyboard mechanics giving this great instrument a genuine piano feel. You will enjoy great volume and sound thanks to the on-board speaker system. Roland superNATURAL sound engine is among the best on the market that offers you dynamic control and an amazing touch sensitivity. If you’re keen in a more permanent instrument as opposed to a portable one, you only need to add about $100 and acquire both the KSC70 stand and the foot-pedal set KPD70.

Yamaha P-125

Yamaha P-125 is a good contender on this list. There are a couple of improvements on the p-115 version that have been included on the P-125 series. The Yamaha P-125 has the same size, weight and numerous features as the p-115 series. However, when you get hold of the P-125 series, there are great improvements such as a richer and lush sound as well as the Smart Pianist app that has a Chord Chart. This is an incredibly well built and designed digital piano considering its $500 price tag.

Yamaha YDP-103


The YDP103 is awesome if you want a permanent digital piano for your home. The major add-ons are realistic and well sampled sounds that make playing more exciting.  For $900, it’s a good deal as you get a chance to enjoy a wide array of great sounds. This digital piano is a great instrument for learners as it has a nice keyboard feel for those trying to get used to playing. YDP103 has a lighter weighted keyboard and you can be assured you’ll get a couple of nice features that will make the keyboard a great choice to use for years to come.

Kawai ES110

If you’re thinking of Kawai ES110, you’ll need to spare $730. If you’re looking for portability, ES110 weighs a mere 26.5lbs winning over the Roland FP30 that weighs in at 31lbs. Kawai ES110 comes with an impressive sound system and feels great when playing.

The three sensor system below the hood allows you to get an amazing dynamic response. This offers great control over the instrument guaranteeing you an expressive play. Kawai are grand piano gurus boasting of over 90 years of manufacturing expertise. The keyboard has a great touch-sensitivity response and an amazingly light touch making Kawai ES110 an excellent choice for many users. The sound quality is superb thanks to the on-board speaker system that delivers an impressive range of sound.

Yamaha P115

For a price tag if $600, Yamaha P115 has a more beautiful interface beating the ES110 and FP30. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for portability as this digital piano weighs only 26lbs. The sounds are great except for the boxy sound. The P115 delivers nice amplitude for a home setting. The Graded Hammer Action keyboard makes the keys slightly heavier especially towards the bottom end of the instrument. Similar to a real piano, you get an authentic real piano feel when playing the Yamaha P115. To have a more permanent instrument, you can buy a bundle that comes with a piano stool, fixed base and a foot-pedal board all going for around $800. You can be assured of durability as Yamaha keyboards are built to last even when used in rough conditions. It is for this reasons, many institutions prefer investing in Yamaha keyboards.

You don’t have to compromise on quality when looking for $1,000 and below digital pianos. As you can see, most instruments will still deliver excellently and satisfy your expectations. To get the best out of your digital piano, do some research before investing to identify the best choice.